This site gives results for the NewsTracker demo created by Jeroen Vuurens, Arjen P. de Vries, Roi Blanco, and Peter Mika.

Please navigate to NewsTracker for a dynamically updated demo (~2x hour).

You can inspect the raw results by clicking on the topic itself: this gives access to the timeline, source sites, and sentences considered for the timeline. Subscribe to a topic's RSS feed to receive updates for that topic in your RSS reader.

Topics shown are partially derived as evolving trends by automatically processing the news clustering results. Specific topics can be added on request.

Newstracker results for 164 feeds from 84 news domains, for “world news”, “US news” and “Entertainment”. Data collected between February 12th and 20th, 2015, covering ~32k titles of news articles.


Although our main goal is to construct a timeline for a given topic, we can also detect topics automatically. The following table guides you through the topics identified (automatically) and their respective timelines.

oregon governor
bali nine
sniper trial
jazeera al retrial
council security un
syrian rebels
state islamic
shades fifty
rage road
rules drones commercial
egypt isis